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Thank you for sharing. Please know that rude and negative behavior is not tolerated and we will look into your situation.

Practitioners within the BodyLogicMD network set the standard when it comes to being specially trained in hormone optimization. With over 60 practitioners nationwide, BodyLogicMD makes up the largest network of highly-trained practitioners specializing in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) and integrative medicine for both men and women. To join the network, all practitioners must complete over 200 hours of extensive training and pass both oral and written boards with the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine and maintain an active membership with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), in addition to being dedicated to ongoing education. So when you visit with a BodyLogicMD affiliated practitioner, you can rest assured knowing you’re in the hands of a top-tier professional.


The doctor always tries to get you to buy as many things as possible and get pellets done so she can make money. The whole process takes over $2000+ which you can easily treat else where. The secretary that works there is stuck up and snobby and the new girl doesn't greet properly. Its a waste!

Save ur money! They do not know how to treat patients properly but rather use your money for their franchise, Im sure that if you did not pay that much money then the doctor would never even be involved in the business.

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My health is worth an investment. Taking time to get supplements and bioidentical hormones right is hard and expensive but worth it.

What isn't worth it is a business profiting off of pain that doesnt help the patient and doesnt return calls or support a patients journey in anyway whatsoever. My Hashimottos numbers were worse after a year, the doctor never returned phone calls even after major allergic reactions and still Bodylogic charged over and over for everything

Chatsworth, Georgia, United States #1252975

The review was a waste of time to even read i can tell this person does not understand the whole process or gave the process a real try long enough to see the benefits.

I can not speak for how the help treated you but i can speak for how the hormone treatments got my body back on track and saved my life! Normal treatments don't do what they do period!

if you want to stay sick then reject body-logic if you want to get better and healthy and live a great life then go to body-logic and give it a good 3 to 6 month try! you will see and feel the change!


to Anonymous #1282056

What is the total $ amount for 6 months will be?Thanks

to Anonymous Chardon, Ohio, United States #1308652

Do you work for BodyLogic by any chance?

to Anonymous #1343312

Anonymous (Dec 10, 2016) I have experienced BLMD for more than 6 months, because as you said I felt my health "IS WORTH THE INVESTMENT". It is my opinion that you really don't have the right to say that the original review writer "does not understand the whole process or gave the process a real try longe enough to see the benefits." It sounds like you are one of the very lucky few that had a positive experience with this place; because after 8 months they drained my savings, couldn't explain costs, never answered phones or emails, etc.

etc. I know how the review writer feels because I have suffered greatly at the hands of BodyLogic MD in the effort to invest in my health; both mentally and physically. I am truly happy that you are healthy and feeling great, sincerely!!!!! We all wish we could have had your experience, but maybe you should just empathize, offer suggestions; definitely not judge because you have not been on the dark side of this place...and believe me it is dark!

The original review writer not only is not feeling good, but is now degraded by this company, broke, feeling more depressed and sick probably from the stress of it all and the last thing they need is someone telling them what they did wrong. Because again, your experience is very rare as you can tell from all of the internet searches you can find regarding complaints that all the same; and the same as mine. And I gave it a good 8-9 months! I am an educated woman who is very smart and I didn't even see the scam coming!

Nor did I get better; and unfortunately these reviews were not as prevalent when I was researching and desperate to "invest in my health" that I still say you can't put a price tag on. I would pay it again as long as it wasn't the experience of BodyLogic MD and the staff they consider qualified. I guess I would just suggest thinking about the process from the writer's perspective and not just basing it on your experience as the "norm"; because I can 100% say your experience is NOT THE NORM! Please take no offense to this response, I respect your opinion, I just think it was a little harsh based on my experience which seemed to be very similar to the writer's and many others on this blog/website.

I hope your health is still thriving and continues to do so, there is no greater gift than to wake up in the morning and feel like you are happy to be awake!

Best to you in the future and I hope your luck continues at BodyLogicMD for your sake. Valerie.

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WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW and everyone knows you're from the company.

to Anonymous #1427516

Anonymous Troll....write your own review, who asked you. Sounds like you're from the company anyway.


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