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Please do not waste your hard earned money at this place. They are not qualified to make an accurate diagnosis, have no interest in finding or correcting the cause, are grossly incompetent and will bleed you dry of every dime you have. I truly don't know how they sleep at night. Dr Thackery and his nurse practitioner Susan are the most incompetent doctors/practitioners I've ever experienced. Their only motivation is to charge you exorbitant fees and set up auto pay for supplements from their office and for prescriptions from their pharmacy. For starters, they did not accurately diagnosis me. I have tumors on my thyroid and on my pituitary gland and yet they never tested my pituitary or did any kind of ultrasound on either. They filled me up with tons of supplements, some of which were totally unnecessary and more costly than what I could buy them for through Pure Encapsulation. They didn't order the correct labs and told me I have no problem with my adrenals even though the test results clearly indicated that even though I was on Hydrocortisone for Adrenal Fatigue (which is nearly always the case when you are hypothyroid as I am) AND they refused to refill my Hydrocort which caused me to relapse quite badly and it will take my body months to recover. They put me on synthetic thyroid meds which more often than not are not as effective as desiccated thyroid meds that are derived from pigs. They never checked my reverse T3 nor did they want to prescribe any T3 even though what tests they did run showed my T3 was low. They rely solely on your lab results when prescribing medications and supplements and pay absolutely no attention to your symptoms. For example, I was four months into treatment and not improved at all and they would not adjust any of my meds nor would they run the lab tests I requested. They will insist that labs must be run every 6 weeks, which is rarely necessary, and at a cost of $195-$395 which is in addition to the $295 office visit every 8 weeks. I've never seen a doctor who charged $295 for a routine follow up visit. It's not standard in the industry and not warranted considering the level of care and lack of competence. Oh and in 4 months under their care, I only saw the doctor one time for about 15 minutes. They are charging those astronomical fees and you don't even see or speak to the doctor. This place should be shut down and they need to be sued for malpractice!! And good luck getting through to anyone when you call. I have to call and leave a message just to make an appointment for my initial consultation! That should have been my first clue, and when I have to call for a follow up visit, I have to leave a message and email them once or twice to get a response. The same medicine their pharmacy was charging me $144 for I can get at Walgreens for $62 but I had to insist on getting my prescriptions filled locally rather than with their pharmacy.

These people are crooks!! DO NOT schedule an appointment to see them. RUN as far away from them as you can get. I have been to a competent doctor and he is shocked at how much they missed, how insufficient their labs were and at how they ignored the obvious signs for pituitary problems. They would have killed me had I not had the good sense to educate myself and search to find a competent functional medicine doctor.

Reason of review: incompetence.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I made an appointment at Dr. Garcia's office in Polaris OhioMy appointment was for Alopecia to get the PRP injections in my scalp I've lost so much hair huge bald spots.

It's devastating. Could not talk or see doctor to have a consultation regarding the alopecia until I paid almost $1,000 total I had all blood work done all year and work. Which was very expensive. After waiting weeks to get in to see Dr.

Garcia I finally got to meet him and have the consultation. Never once did he look at my scalp talk about alopecia I tried to show him my bald spots and to let him know I was in there for Alopecia and the PPR injections. All he would talk about was I'm planning a pellet a hormone and many drugs from compound pharmacy. He assured me this would help.

The receptionist told me that they did not even realize I was coming in for Alopecia that if they would have caught that I would not have needed all the blood work which was over $500. Also when they sent someone to take my blood to my house they had to send a person out twice because they did not label the blood who it belong to. Very unprofessional. Once I received the medication from the compound compound pharmacy.

I read the side effects every side effect said hair loss on all the medication and weight gain. I've tried calling his office to be told they would get back with me he's not always in the office only a day a week. I asked the receptionist why is that she said because he works at VA hospital in the emergency room in Cincinnati and Cleveland. She also informed me that my prior appointment when she made my second appointment that it could be canceled if he did not have enough patients that day and they would reschedule.

Also they would text me with the appointment changes. Dr. Garcia was just not together he acted off the wall, when they said I would have an hour appointment consultation with him I would give it maybe 10 minutes that was four hundred and some dollars. When he took the stethoscope to listen to my heart it did not even touch my skin less than a second same thing happened when he listen on my back.

There was no physical exam whatsoever there was no consultation whatsoever! Dr. Garcia should not be able to practice the way he does unethical. I explained to doctor Garcia that I went off of all medication high blood pressure medicine it said could cause hair loss.

I told him I was very uncomfortable being off of it. Being a doctor I would have thought he would have taken my blood pressure and advise me what to do or take. I brought it up several times. At this point I pretty much felt stuck what the *** do I do now I have almost $1,000 invested in this doctor....

and not one time did he look at my scalp that I came in for Alopecia my concerns on his qualifications and his flip attitude was there a bothersome. When Doctor Garcia said we're going to the surgical room I expected something much different then the room he caught his surgical room. Dirty Blood on the examining bed. When he implanted the pellet he dropped a bloody gauze on the floor and left it, like I said there was blood on the white paper on the examining bed when I entered the room.

If you would listen to one of dr. Garcia's video tapes on YouTube I suppose that was one of his good days but he still acts radical. He was off the wall the day of my appointment. I thought I checked him out very well before I went to him but advertisement definitely Can Shed A different light on a doctor.

Please take your time watch his videos his demeanor it will be worse at your appointment. I hope this will help someone that's looking to go to him to save them thousands of dollars wasted time and not be conned by Advertisements of any kind.To let you know I had to save money to go to this Quack !


Dr. Garcia at Polaris, Columbus OhioHormone,ReplacementDr.

Garcia, Puts you in mind of a Doctor You would find on Craigslist !

All the scams,$$$$Everything that you hear about on Craigslist you'll find in Dr. Garcia's officeAdvertisement Can Be Very Deceiving...Buyer Beware!!!


I also was seeing dr.david garcia at polaris parkway in Columbus, Ohio and all they want in money,money,money and do very little. They charge big money for about anything you can think of.

My blood got so thick he was always giving me a script to go to hospital and give a big bag of blood so it would thin out my blood. He only has one office lady that operates by a cellphone and she is really really rude. They mess up appointments and it is always your fault. Before I left there I found out he was a dr that precribed suboxone to patients and he also had other dr.

Come in and they did the same because each dr. Can only have so many patients a month..

you talk about money hungry they are and rude nurse/bookkeeper is really rude. By all means stay away from rude people and save your money and go to a real dr.


I also was seeing dr. David garcia on Polaris parkway in columbus Ohio and have spent a lot of money with no results.

It started out the dr wrote the scripts and sent them to a pharmacy in Alabama and something happened to that pharmacy not doing things right and then bodylogic started useing a pharmacy in Erie ,pa. Now how does bodylogic doctors get away with writing a script and useing there pharmacy. The patient cannot take script to the pharmacy they use because they never see the script. Sounds like conflict of interest to me.

Back to dr garcia office there is one lady that runs the office no other person. She also does the bookkeeping to and she is not a very nice person. She thinks she is the doctor. I would like to call the office and complain about her but they only operate by cell ph so you either call or text and she will text you back.

I am sure the doctor does not know how she treats patients. I have seen her treat other patients the same way.

Maybe the doctor will take a look at her being a big problem when he keeps dropping patients. Stay away from bodylogic and this office unless you like being treated bad by the nurse and or you have a lot of money to burn.


I actually experience this same financial loss with a body logic office in Columbus. The testing is ridiculous and having to order this through their pharmacy is ***.

It's just a way to make money and they will tell you that it's because they can ensure things are compounded correctly. First, you can get DHEA over the counter it doesn't need to be compounded. Secondly, their pharmacy isn't the only pharmacy that is capable of filling a script.

You will spend Thomas as of dollar unnecessarily. Don't do ANY Body Logic office


Do you have the name of a good functional medicine doctor? Sounds like you had a terrible experience. I was going to call this office but will stay far away.


Scheduled for a meeting with them this evening. Drove 50 minutes.

They closed early because of rain. I didn't find out my meeting had been cancelled because they cancelled via email 1.5 hours before the meeting. Rain was for forecast for days. I will find a new doctor to work with.


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